DRENCHILL FEAT. JORIK BUREMA - Nina Nena (You Love Dance/Planet Punk/Universal/Zeitgeist/UV)
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After their first hit collaboration “Starlight”, which has already reached over 25 million streams within a few months, Drenchill and Jorik Burema are now continuing their successful collaboration with their upcoming release “Nina Nena”. This danceable but also melancholic and emotional track takes you back to late night summer evenings and that special “on the road” – feeling of freedom, sunsets and friends. “Nina Nena” will be released on September 8 under the Universal label Zeitgeist and is the perfect soundtrack for any upcoming road trips or spontaneous adventures.

Drenchill, who has already collected over 230 million streams with his singles and received multiple Gold & Platinum awards, is also the world’s most-streamed Spotify artist from Portugal in 2022. With his single “Starlight”, which gained a lot of attention especially in Poland and climbed to the top spots of the Polish air play charts shortly after ist release, he has now reached over 26 million streams. His singles “Freed From Desire”, “Never Never” and “Forever Summer” brought him to the top of the airplay charts in Poland as well and a total of 7 platinum awards. He recently released a remix of the single "Bailar Conmigo" by Black Eyed Peas and Daddy Yankee.

Dutch singer, songwriter and producer Jorik Burema collected a total of over 20 million streams on all streaming platforms and convinces with his warm, raw and unique sound and catchy melodies. Jorik manages to give each of his songs ist own, original touch – his release “Nina Nena” with Drenchill will be no different.

With “Nina Nena”, Drenchill and Jorik Burema deliver an absolute late summer hit that leaves you no other option than blasting it in your car radio on full volume, feeling like your life is a movie.