TAMASH & DINO MILETA - Kylie (You Love Dance/Planet Punk/KNM)
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Travel back to the vibrant and glamorous 80s with Tamash & Dino Mileta's latest disco house Style ! The dynamic duo has brought the iconic Akcent track "Kylie" back to life with their own twist, reviving the infectious groove and energy of the original in a whole new way.
This modern reimagining of "Kylie" is a dancefloor filler that will transport you straight to the heart of Miami's legendary nightlife scene. With its infectious beats, funky basslines, and catchy melodies, this fresh take on a classic hit is guaranteed to get the party started.
This release is a true homage to an era where music was all about letting loose and having fun on the dance floor.
So put on your dancing shoes and turn up the volume for "Kylie"!